Andras Toth - Wedding photographer

My credo or mantra regarding wedding photography is based on two very simple principles. I did not choose them as a decision. This is what my approach has boiled down to over the pas 10+ yers doing photography.

1) “Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.”― David Alan Harvey

I could not agree more with this saying. Wedding photography should not be about creating visual clichés while going over a shot list and taking the same images at every wedding. I am continually seeking out the essence of the wedding day where I am present to find those real moments, the real feeling of the wedding day that actually tells the story of the couple. No frills.

2) Less is always more
If I ever decide to get a tattoo this will be it. I am strong believer in minimalism, more from an aesthetic and design point of view rather than an extreme take on it. There is just something so liberating about the simple and unpretentious things when there is an overabundance of literally everything around us. When shooting a wedding I always focus on quality and not quantity and I am so lucky to have clients who resonate with this thought as well. Would you rather have 100-200 great images of your wedding or 1.000-2.000 mediocre?


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