Natural and relaxed wedding photography - by Andras Toth

- if you prefer to see the real You on your wedding photographs

As a wedding photographer my mission is to capture the neatural and honest moments and emotions on the wedding day.

Wedding photography is what I enjoy doing by far the most and to this date I consider myself unbelievably lucky to be able to this for a living. Wedding have no shortage of great energy, joy and emotions and it is such an uplifting pleasure to be a part of it. My job is to creatively and unobtrusively document both the grand moments and the small details and to capture the true essence – so when you open your wedding album you easily relive the wedding day with all its emotions.

Your wedding photos will only be real if you see the natural yourself on them. I will never force you to awkward poses just because “it looks good’. Real moments, real emotions over fabricated images always.

Over the past 10+ years I have had the privilege to photograph weddings all over Europe -mainly UK, Germany, Italy- and sometimes beyond as well. I am very comfortable with different cultures and languages and truly enjoy cultural mergers on weddings.